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wood sign Scenic and naturally gorgeous off-road trails that wind through dense forest covers, lead down boggy dips, hike up valley edges, and skirt around cool lakes.

"...I read somewhere that Duck Mountain Manitoba was ranked a top 3 ATV spot in Canada..."
Be aware

All Kinds of All Terrain
In the Parkland, off-roading’s been popular on all kinds of awesome trails for quite some time. But as a whole, the sport of ATV off-road trail riding is exploding in Manitoba. The province, in conjunction with The All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba (ATVMB) is showing support for ATV’s growth by working towards a provincial wide trail system. We’re glad to see Manitoba get on track with off-roading and welcome new riders to our area.

Rules of the

  • Respect for landowners
  • Respect for other riders
  • Respect for the land
  • Garbage in-Garbage out

Cautionary Notes

Most of these trails have
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Duck Mountain FOREST, Manitoba
Recreational ATV use
is allowed on trails found within Duck Mountain Forest- and it's a ton of fun!

When you're in the Forest, there are no ATV use restrictions. You can ride ATVs anywhere you're brave enough to go if there is no travel ban due to extreme fire conditions. Most riders tend to stick to the UPPER DAM ROUTE or many other hunting routes as they're fit for riding and offer plenty of fun.

Obviously, using hunting routes for recreational ATVing is best done outside of hunting season. Here's a map of designated hunting routes; connect with a local Conservation Office/er to clarify any route questions.

EAST BLUE LAKE - Mossberry Trail
Duck Mountain Provincial Park, MB
Blue Lakes Resort

Childs Lake lodge

Duck Mountain PARK, Manitoba
When you're in the Park, the designated recreational ATV trail route (Mossberry) is about 25+kms into the deep bush, over rocky terrain, across creeks, thru mud holes and past beaver floods which connect West Blue Lake with Marge, Burnt Island, Ralph, George, Mossberry, East Lost and Trapper lakes and back round Shilliday Lake to East Blue Lake.

Here are some base ATV rules to remember for Duck Mountain MB Park.

  • Provincial Road Ditches are allowed.
  • Roads and Shoulders are prohibited.
  • Hickey trail & McKelvey trail are prohibited.
  • All Cottage Subdivision roads and ditches are prohibited.
Fire bans and backcountry travel bans can be in effect during dry conditions.
Roblin/Grandview Conservation

(Duck Mountain MB Southern area)
204 937-6452
Swan River Conservation
(Duck Mountain MB Northern area)
204 734-3429

Municipality of Roblin
204 937-8333
Munic. of Swan Valley West
204 734-3344
Municipality Grandview
204 546-5250
RM of Riding Mountain West
204 564-2589
ATV use on non-ATV designated trails is prohibited.
Many angling lakes in the Duck Mountain Park are only accessible by trails.
Unfortunately, anglers are forced to break the law by using ATVs as transport on non-ATV designated trails to access different fishing lakes within Duck Mountain MB Park.

Fortunately, similar to drivers doing 108 km/hr in a posted 100 km/hr zone; attitude, evidence and respect towards the trail, environment, other park users and Conservation Officers can play a factor on whether a fine, warning or blind-eye is issued.
CHILDS LAKE - Mossberry Trail
Duck Mountain Provincial Park, MB

Mossberry Lake Trail - MAP
The MOSSBERRY LAKE TRAIL MAP identifies all the designated recreational ATV trail routes in Duck Mountain, MB Provincial Park. The Mossberry trail and its ATV trail off-shoots are not for beginners; unless they carry a winch or travel in a pack. Many experienced riders tend to get lost around the Childs Lake turnoff (McKelvey trail) at Mossberry Lake. The Childs Lake video clearly shows what happened to a group of ATV riders who accidently found themselves on the non-ATV bicycle path portion of the Mossberry ATV Trail.

Duck Mountain Manitoba

BEAR CREEK - Assessippi area
RM Riding Mountain West
Bear Creek Trail - MAP
The Bear Creek Trail is technically a hiking trail located near Asessippi Provincial Park, and supposedly part of the The Great Trail System - but I've never heard of anyone hiking it without being on a quad. Likely because it's too muddy and the trail's not fit for foot traffic. Watch the short little Bear Creek video to see what I mean, then check out the BEAR CREEK TRAIL MAP to find out exactly how to get there.

Asessippi Beach & Campground


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