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Municipality of Roblin

A unique Roblin initiative carried out by local volunteers, Markosky Trout offer an exclusive opportunity to experience a new dimension of Parkland Trout Fisheries.

Markosky Trout are exclusive to
East Goose Lake & West Goose Lake
and are protected under special regulations!
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What is a Markosky Trout?
A Markosky Trout is a rainbow trout farmed by Ken Markosky.

In the fall of 2014, Ken donated his lot of massive rainbows he kept as pets over the last 20 years to the Bug Chucker Cup. His pet trout were gigantic and it took a crew to move them. This project was called The Markosky Trout Project, and the trout were coined Markosky Trout.

See the Markosky Trout video of their release ->

Markosky Trout

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What is the Markosky Trout 2 Project?
After consulting with local Fisheries, the Markosky Trout 2 Project (formerly MK Ultra Project) was created as a means to help re-establish East Goose Lake as a trophy trout fishery and to provide anglers a greater opportunity to catch huge Markosky Trout.

This project entailed the rapid growth of Markosky Trout over a 2 year period for stocking.

See the Markosky Trout 2 project video of their release ->

MK 2

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What's so special about the Markosky Trout?

  • They offer a male rainbow trout angling opportunity
  • Their spot pattern is rich and distinguishable from the hatcheries strain
  • They are large trout with their majority lifespan ahead of them
  • #100 has a rare deep purple colour to it that makes it look black in the water
  • Their study can impact future trophy trout lake management practices


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Markosky Trout 2 Project Exposed
The Markosky Trout 2 project used natural ground sourced water to rear the fingerlings. 200 were cultured beginning in July of 2015, and another 40 were cultured in July of 2016. They were feed twice daily in order to maximize growth.

An early calculation of the trout's expected length over the 2 year period was estimated to be in the 30"+ range. After the first year, it dropped to about 27" based on a few growth measurements divided by the number of months cultured then multiplied by the number of total growable months. Closer to the end of the project, we noticed the trout weren't getting longer, just bigger, and changed our length projections to 24".

In May of 2017, the Markosky Trout were tagged, measured, and a few weighed by Swan Valley Sport Fishing Enhancement staff before being transferred to East Goose Lake and West Goose Lake. Our final transfer numbers were 150/240. Looking at the bell curves on the two batches and having found zero floaters throughout the project, we determined our 38% loss was due to poaching and predators in the first year. We were extremely pleased with the health and thickness of the trout, but dissapointed in that they topped out at about 23".

With gathered metrics following their release, we determined that our periodical weight and measurement assessments done with a rod and tackle to find an average were skewed due to the biggest and most aggressive trout were always the ones being caught. This theory was supported two days later when the first Markosky caught on East Goose Lake by Phil Paczkowski was one of the biggest released; 7.2 lbs 22.5".

All Markosky Trout have green tags and are technically the property of the Municipality of Roblin even though they now reside in public waters. Taking one home would be like hauling-off with one of our park benches. So please leave them where you caught them.

In order to protect the Markosky Trout for everyone's enjoyment and the availability of continued study of this unique project's impacts on the lake environment and the health of the trout, West Goose Lake and East Goose Lake regulations have been updated to now include - All trout over 45cm must be released.

How Can Trout Fishing Enthusiasts Help?
Catch the green tagged Markosky Trout, record and release, and submit data and pictures here.

Prepare yourself to be a quality fisher-researcher!

  • Large bump board measuring device
  • Scale with a big basket net or 5 gallon bucket
  • Camera to take a measurment and action photo for the project and for MB Master Angler submission

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Why Continue to Study the Markosky Trout?
Unlike the largest brood stocks introduced into a trout lake by Fisheries, the oldest Markosky Trout are 2 1/2 years old and will continue to live for about 5-6 more years putting on pounds and stretching out a few more inches.

The Markosky trout come in a variety of lengths and weights. Studying the economic and environmental impacts these trout have on the lakes and being able to track and analyze which sizes perform the best regarding angling opportunities and growth rates is a rare opportunity that can provide Fisheries with information to support future trophy trout lake sustainability decisions.

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How big were the released Markosky Trout?
This is what the numbers look like. Without actually having age testing done to determine the age classes, the bell curves are just an assumption. Not all the Markosky's were weighed on account of keeping stress levels down during the transfer. Wieghts range is 19+" will be 5-7lbs.

tag shot
2.5yr olds 1.5yr olds
6@22+" 13@16+"
17@21+" 15@15+"
42@20+" 2@14+"
30@19+" 1@13+"
19@18+" 1@12+"

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