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Your support impacts Parkland fisheries!

3 simple ways you can help make (y)our fisheries better



LIFE (Lake Improvements & Fisheries Enhancement) trust account

The Municipality of Roblin has set up a municipal trust account called Lake Improvements & Fishery Enhancements fund. Donations provided to the LIFE trust account ensures funding contributions are spent directly on capital costs of improvements, enhancements and pilot projects that affect angler experiences at our fisheries. A tax receipt is available for a $20 minimum donation.

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Support Parkland Trout Fisheries

Display your support with a 5.5" x 5.5" Parkland Trout Fisheries window decal! Stick it on your car, your boat, your tackle box - whatever. Let others know that you're an avid angler and proud supporter of Parkland's world-class trout fisheries. Click donate or order to learn how to get your window decal.

Purchase locally

For many, gearing up to fish Parkland waters no doubtably has an exciting lead up a few days prior to getting here where tackle and rations are prioritized in order to make haste to the lake. Stopping into our local retailers for one or two small items that you take with you ensures your value stays in your pocket. It also ensures that local businesses know that the well-being of (y)our fisheries means prosperity. This translates into the business community getting behind lake improvements for you.


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Show your support

Take a short detour into town and drive down Main Street with your Parkland Trout Fisheries window decal. Your window decal seen by locals informs them why your here and improves associations with spending their tax dollars on something you spend more time on in one weekend than they might do in their lifetime. This means locals are able to see that fisheries brings people to town and is worth taking care of.

Talk to locals

You don't have to have meaningful conversations. Buy snacks, gas and lunch from three different places, and when you're paying tell the cashier that your excited to catch big fish. On your way out, comment loudly to the person behind you so that everyone in the store hears that you wished you had great fishing lakes in your town...or something to that effect. The more our locals hear and see the visitors of our fisheries, the more they get behind supporting maintenance, management and sustainability efforts of (y)our fisheries.

Write a letter

When a letter addressed to the Mayor and Council of the town closest to your favorite fishery hits municipal administration, it gets forwarded on for all Councillors to read at the next council meeting. Well-articulated comments from visitors grab the attention of municipal lake stewards and can gain traction for improving a fishery’s condition in a short time.¬† If you think a fishery needs improvement, be nice about it. If you think a fishery is doing great, all the more reason to give positive feedback. A few letters can make all the difference when it comes to what shouldn't get cut from a budget.

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Be a lake steward

Our fisheries don't have dedicated staff looking after them, so we can use all the help we can get. If there is litter on the ground, put it in the recycle or garbage containers. If a sign is leaning, straighten it. If something is worn or broken, bring tools and materials to fix it. If you think our lakes could use something you could donate, talk to us and we can help you make that happen. The more engaged you are with helping us keep (y)our lakes top notch, the better they can become.

Fill out angler surveys

Angler surveys provide insight on a fishery’s condition and can identify unknown issues to those who have the ability to find the resource and to manage them. Good first-hand information provided to fishery stewards by anglers can reduce the overall costs to operate the fishery by allowing them opportunity to be proactive and/or able to fix issues while they’re still in a manageable state.

Submit your trophy catches to the Manitoba Master Anglers Program

More than just a piece of paper recognizing your accomplishment, trophy catch records from the MB Master Anglers database provide fishery stewards with data that can be analyzed over different time periods.  This assists with determining matters such as stocking needs, fish per acre, and fish year classes in the larger sized category without having to undertake expensive and resource intensive fish assessment.

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